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Monday, June 21, 2010

Complaints to the Dentist About Flossing Serious Member Follow Up

Complaints to the Dentist About Flossing Member Follow Up


Dentist please invite us but dont tell us we got gingivitis Ive been drinking gin plus minus the fact I been kicking the tin since I got canned at Midas.. okay I say ahh and open my mouth the widest I can for ya hineus..he says hmmm whats behind this.. its tooth decay at its finest.. we need to drill the root with no delay this time quick or you gonna end up with abscess or even worse get ya shit pulled and left in absence... I never gone to the dentist like a chick that practice abstinence.. I got this insurance for cap and dent but I figured aint nothing happend yet.. now I got the laughing gas tooth cut in half I guess... mouth numb from novacane head hurting like Kurt Cobain then finally its time to go when my friend in his Chevy Nova Came ! ?! !? !?!


Dental Hygienist Response: People always flossing like they floss but they frontin, ya track suitin, co-paying, gingivitis nothing. Oh you say you run that string game three times per week? You say you keep those canines so fresh they squeak? Your dogs are barkin and I’m hunting for the truth in your lies, waterpik’ing on this chicken with a bib on her thighs. Next time get it right, up your game keep it tight, when I put you on the spot when I see you come December, just be honest, say you floss “every time that you remember.” 

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