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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rap Topic Request 1

Request 1:

Gay marriage
English muffins
Menstrual cramps
Cats using my garden as a litterbox

...all in one rap. Not what I was expecting, but I'm here to serve the people

Everybody pushin' their views...People scream, fight, and kill but never walk out their shoes, Oppression is depressing as watching the news, how can one man decipher the truths? I keep an eye on my bed and my mate, and you can wed who you want it ain't affectin' your fate. I ensure that my values are straight, I could give a fuck less and I don't really care who you date. Idealist in the world are all stuck in their past, voice of bullshit the wind blowing the sails on the mast. Even the new idealists can't even feel this, because I'm white, like to rap, it's always gonna be a miss. I can claim a couple fans in the seas, while the hater's values hollow filled with nooks and crannies. English muffin eaters, take it to the streaters , ignorant assholes in sheets and wife beaters. All hope isn't lost, we got people risen up even knowing the cost. Gotta change the perception of women in rap, they're not just another object to tap. Life providers, out there struggling, many of the poor, alone and left juggling...food, work, kids, a jerk. It's time to get this music message revampin It's these ignorant rappers that sound like they crampin' Life ain't perfect, and we're far from where we need to be. We can keep it positive, people believe me. We're plantin seeds of intelligence so the future can eat, sometimes you diggin' up shit before you feedin' the street.


  1. Where are the cats using my garden as a litterbox?
    Besides that... Love it.
    Moving on to the next topic:
    this corporate b***sh*t...
    when I can have my free soul?

  2. preach on brotha. Last line was my favorite

  3. Take it to the Tiffany Streeters.