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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letters From the Oil Spill

This your boys duck and bird...Gotta tell you something man, this shit is absurd.
I seen another bird dive the sea, minutes later, he floated up and ceased to be.
When the water got shiny, a thousand hungry birds perched behind me.
Damn right I could rise awareness up to its peak, but I can't get this beak to speak.

My duck boys are covered as well, even though birds ain't religious we feelin' your hell.
We can't survive with this petro, and that's a sacrifice YOU made to be runnin your metros.
Donald or Daffy you'd care, but I ain't makin' you money by flyin' the air.
I'm just trying to get my quack on, and trying to live life, swim, without gettin' my black on.


Duck and Bird

I run a beach-side shop, and I gotta speak my mind before I blow my top.
I can't make the rent for a good reason, this oil spill killed tourism worse that the off season.
My kids education, the things me and Kevin do, we'll have to pull them back though with no revenue.
My dream at graduation they walk, lookin' at my books though, and I don't want to have that talk.

Soon I can't afford money for gas, ironically though. the oceans got oil out the ass.
No money when I worked the soil, now this hotel I got might as well be covered in oil.
Oh did I mention that my husband's sick, and the medicine he needs got a price thick.
Clean it up, can't put enough soap in the doom, and I'm staring at the rope in my room.


Resort Owner


Dear Gulf, this is BP, believe me, don't get completely mental, this is easy.
You know the ocean's a big place, this is just a little pimple on the skin of a big face.
Could've been more proactive, safety measures cost money and we stick to our tactics.
Listen they've given us the right to to drill, and if you want to drive you hummers that's that right to kill.

I'm a brit, I can take it. With a little bit of elbow grease on it, I think we can make it.
Cut the dividend and lost a couple friends, the boys got the drill to go at it again.
Gotta get back on track, I want nothing more than to just have my life back.
On camera we'll scrub those birds and take a hit, but 5 years you won't remember shit.




This the oil spill..."plshhhhhhhhhhh" that's me spittin out the oil KILL.
What you never saw an oil flood? You didn't really think their will be blood?
I'll decide to stop now or later, your attempts are off the walls see,
Not an American Gladiator, stop shooting tennis balls at me.

It's not really fair to hate who I am, cause you made, and you'll be at it again.
Money, you love it, fuel. you love it, you don't even know the people I kill, so don't think nothin' of it.
I love making you rowdy, I love breakin' the south down where they can't even get out a 'Howdy'
Please keep workin' hard to conceal me, you might not see me, but the future will feel me.

Good Work,

Oil Spill


  1. Let me interrupt and interpret time when you look into a turbin's mind they aint talking about that wind turbine they talking about that terpentine.